01. Documentary & Transmedia

02. Mobile Photography

03. New Narratives

  1. 01. Documentary & Transmedia

    “We have art in order to not die of the truth.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

    The documentary tells the story of renowned concert pianist Dang Thai Son and his mother, Thai Thi Lien (Madame Lien), and their passion for music that transcended all odds. They are known in Vietnam as the first family of classical music. “The Cannon and the Flower” will bring their story to American audiences for the first time

    The documentary will combine interviews with Dang Thai Son and Madame Lien, their music, historic footage, animation and multimedia content via tablet. You can view various aspects of the transmedia project HERE or you can Read more about the project...

  2. 02. Mobile Photography

    We are in the midst of a dramatic revolution in how people create and consume information, with a shift to the 'visual' that's reshaping and restructuring culture beyond anything we've seen previously. From Instagram to the iPhone and everything in between, I'm participating, researching, learning and sharing during this new era of the Social Photography.

    You can find me on Instagram

    You can also download a mobile journalism field guide that I helped create with a group of students from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Download

  3. 03. New Narratives

    I'm exploring the transformation of the journalistic narrative as brought on by new platforms and technologies. I'm documenting and researching the history of multimedia journalism, its impact, potential and best practices. The first in a proposed series of books was published in 2015 by Routledge, The Principles of Multimedia Journalism: Packaging Digital News Buy from Amazon

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